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NPO Yakimono21 is specific, non-profit-making activity group (NPO) that acts concerning protection and the development of the culture and the industry of the preservation use of the Ebetsu pottery market(Eyatsu YAKIMONO-ICHI) and the brick building and Ebetsu.

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Activities of Yakimono 21

Yakimono 21 does the following non-profit activities to achieve the above objective:

  1. Community promotion
  2. Environmental preservation
  3. International exchange
  4. Promotion of cultural, artistic and sporting activities

We also perform the following services to achieve the above objective:

1.Non-Commercial Services

    Reserch for the Bricked Houses
  1. Planning and management of events such as the Ceramic Art Fair
  2. Planning the restoration, preservation, and utilization of historical buildings
  3. Promoting and supporting local arts and crafts such as ceramics
  4. Producing and supporting new industries
  5. Revitalizing local tourism and commerce
  6. Promoting intercultural exchange through ceramics
  7. Protecting the environment
  8. Additional services related to the above objective

2. Commercial Services

  1. Commercial mediation, production and marketing
  2. Provision of labor
  3. Additional services related to the above objective

Function of Yakimono 21

The functions of Yakimono 21 are as follows:

  1. Social investigation and planning related to city management
  2. Planning and management of events
  3. Planning, design, and production of printed materials
  4. Planning related to restoration, reproduction and utilization of buildings
  5. Planning related to recycling and waste management

Yakimono 21's International Economic Exchange

Yakimono 21 supports the import and export between the city of Ebetsu and our sister city Gresham, in order to promote economic exchange related to our objective of "community promotion" and "international exchange", as mentioned above. Therefore, trade can be considered one of our commercial services.

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